Hydrosoluble Magnolia Tree Bark Extract Powder

Test Methold:HPLC
Deliver Time:Around 3 working days
Sample:10-50g can be accepted
Package:1-15kg Aluminum foil bag/Carton
15-25kg Full paper drum
Payment Way:T/T L/C Paypal
Certification:ISO Hala Kosher

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Based on the business philosophy of integrity-based, quality-oriented, long-term win-win, our company constantly strengthens product quality management, constantly improves the comprehensive level of customer service and makes every effort to provide customers with high-quality Black Pepper Extract, Magnolia Bark Extract Powder, Cyanotis Extract Powder 90% Beta Ecdysterone. Looking forward to the future, we will continue to work hard to build an excellent company that is satisfied with customers, proud of employees, and trusted by the public.

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Introduction of Botanical Cube's Hydrosoluble Magnolia tree bark extract powder

Our Hydrosoluble Magnolia tree bark extract powder's main active ingredient is Honokiol. It is a polyphenolic compound, which exists in the dry root bark of Magnolia Officinalis. Honokiol and its isomer magnolol are present in the traditional Chinese medicine Magnolia Officinalis, which not only has a variety of pharmacological activities but also has good biological activities for skincare. At present, honokiol is widely used in various cosmetics as raw materials of emerging plant cosmetics.

The content of magnolol and honokiol in different parts of Magnolia Bark is quite different. The total content of magnolol and honokiol in the leaves of Magnolia Bark is about 2.30%, while the total content of magnolol in the root bark reaches 8.22%. We use the root bark of Magnolia Officinalis. as raw materials for extracting.

However, Magnolia Officinalis grows slowly and has a long growth cycle, which generally takes 10-15 years. Moreover, Magnolia Officinalis is now listed as a national second-level wild protected plant, so extracting magnolol from the plant Magnolia officinalis causes serious damage to resources. Nowadays, there are also methods for preparing magnolol by chemical synthesis. The synthesis method is highly efficient and can also protect magnolia resources.


Off-White fine powderConformsVisual
The unique smell of magnolia barkConformsOrganoleptic
TasteThe unique taste of magnolia barkConformsOlfactory
Bulk DensitySlack Density0.47g/mlUSP616
Particle Size95%Through 80 MeshConformsCP2015


Total Heavy Metals<10ppmConformsCP2015


Aerobic Bacterial Count≤1,000 CFU/gConformsGB4789.2
Yeast≤100 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Mold≤100 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Escherichia Coli
<3.0 MPN/gConformsGB4789.38
SalmonellaNot DetectedConformsGB4789.4
Staphylococcus AureusNot DetectedConformsGB4789.10


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