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What is cinnamaldehyde used for?
- Feb 09, 2022 -

Why do we need cinnamaldehyde?

In recent years, the extensive use of antibiotics in animal husbandry, especially unscientific abuse, has caused mankind to face the huge threat of drug-resistant bacteria. At present, the European Union has issued regulations prohibiting the addition of antibiotics to feed. The United States also plans to ban the use of preventive antibiotics in livestock feed for three years from 2014. It is also imperative to limit the use of antibiotics in livestock feed in my country. Green, safe and pollution-free feed additives will surely become the new favorite of the feed industry.

Brief introduction of cinnamaldehyde

Cinnamaldehyde, also known as cinnamaldehyde, is generally obtained from cinnamon branches and leaves by steam distillation (content > 75%). It is a light yellow oily liquid at room temperature, with a strong cinnamon aroma, sweet and spicy taste, and burning sensation. With the healthy and rapid development of animal husbandry, the application prospect of cinnamaldehyde in the feed industry is very broad.

Oily liquid cinnamaldehydeCAS No 104-55-220%Cinnamaldehyde powder
Oily liquid cinnamaldehydeCAS No 104-55-2Cinnamaldehyde powder

why do we produce cinnamaldehyde powder?

Although it has many advantages mentioned above because cinnamaldehyde is an oily liquid at room temperature, it needs to be sprayed with a watering can when mixing materials. The operation is complicated and the workload is large, which brings a lot of trouble to farmers. In order to solve this problem, Botanical Cube uses a special extraction process to produce powdered cinnamaldehyde with an active ingredient content of 20%, which greatly improves the convenience of product mixing.

Application in aquaculture


Recommended dosage

Animal categoryThe recommended dosage (20% Cinnamaldehyde)
Growing pig150g-300g/ton
Fattening pig150g/ton

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