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Black Pepper Extract-piperine
- Feb 03, 2021 -

What is piperine

1.Piperine is an alkaloid, and chavicine is the main ingredient of black pepper's spicy flavor. It is used in some forms of traditional medicine and pesticides.

2.Piperine is a broad-spectrum anticonvulsant. Its appearance is colorless monoclinic prismatic crystals, odorless, and a burning sensation after tasting. It is neutral to litmus reagent. It is easily soluble in chloroform, ethanol, ether, benzene and acetic acid, and almost insoluble in water and petroleum ether.


The functions and application of Piperine:

1.The most certain effect of piperine is its effect on the absorption of nutrients in the intestines.

2.He can regulate the human immune system.

3.Piperine has been shown to be beneficial for gout.

4.Piperine may have certain anti-cancer properties.

5.Piperine may also have some antidepressant activity.

Common piperine specifications: piperine 10%, piperine 95%, piperine 98%.

10%&95%&98% (3)


*Are "piperine and piperine" the same thing?

Yes, Bioperine (Bioperine) is a patented product of Sabinesa in the United States, equivalent to 95% piperine (Piperine), and the effect is the same.

*What solvent can black pepper dissolve?

Soluble in acetic acid, benzene, ethanol, chloroform, slightly soluble in ether, the most common solvent is ethanol.

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