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Boesenbergia Pandurata Extract - The Ginseng in Ginger
- Aug 19, 2021 -

◆Where does it grow?

I don't know if you've heard of it recently,Boesenbergia Pandurata extract, its main effect is around weight loss and skin anti-aging effect. Boesenbergia Pandurata is native to Java or Sumatra, Indonesia, and is now distributed in the dense tropical monsoon forests of Southeast Asia, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, as well as India, Sri Lanka and the South Asian subcontinent. There are more than 50 varieties in the world, and there are 2 varieties in my country, mainly produced in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan.

◆About its name?

In Indonesia's traditional health-preserving and health-care drug collection "JAMU", Boesenbergia Pandurata is also a good medicine for postpartum tonic. So it has the reputation of ginseng in ginger.Like other perennial herbs of the ginger family, theBoesenbergia Pandurata is the edible part, the difference is that it has a unique shape with clustered longitudinally like thin fingers and are called "Finger root" in English.Because it is rarely produced in Yunnan, China, it is also called "Chinese ginger".

◆What its function?

1.Although there is ginger in the name, it does not have the pungency of ginger. On the contrary, it has a smell and fragrance similar to Minghe. This unique fragrance comes from substances such as KaemPferol and Kaempferide.

2.In addition, Panduratin A plays a major role in it.In addition to the effects of weight loss and youthfulness of the skin we mentioned earlier, it is also possible to increase muscle mass, restore fatigue, and improve athletic ability by increasing the activation of PPARδ in the muscles.

Boesenbergia Pandurata extract by Botanical Cube Inc.Boesenbergia Pandurata extract by Botanical Cube Inc

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