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Can Cinnamon Reduce Belly Fat ?
- Mar 29, 2021 -

1.Is the cinnamon can lose weight ?

Cinnamon can have certain effect reducing weight, the American heart association published a study in 2017, found that mice experiment during eating fatty foods, if eat, along with a small amount of cinnamon can effectively reduce the bad effects of a high-fat diet on cardiovascular, at the same time accumulate in abdominal fat is better than no eating less a set of cinnamon.The researchers later noted that the results of the study could be applied to humans to reduce the effects of a high-fat diet on cardiovascular health.

A 2015 study in the journal Scientific Reports found that Cinnamaldehyde, which is found in cinnamon, helps reduce Ghrelin levels, which in turn reduces appetite and hunger, and reduces the chance of overeating. A study published by the University of Michigan in the journal Metabolism shows that when human fat cells are exposed to cinnamaldehyde, they increase the rate at which fat is burned through Thermogenesis, thereby enhancing weight loss.

Blog of Can cinnamon reduce belly fat by Botanical Cube Inc. Blog of Can cinnamon reduce belly fat by Botanical Cube Inc(1).

2.The way for eating cinnamon for losing weight ?

Apple cinnamon water

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Apples contain pectin, which traps the sugars, salts and fats in the food before the body absorbs them too much.In addition, the water-soluble dietary fiber in the apple can also help to clean up the intestinal tract, with the effect of bowel laxative, weight loss and control is very helpful.

On the other hand, cinnamon containing cinnamaldehyde can promote blood circulation and metabolism, mix both drinking, can achieve the whole bowel fat burning effect of weight loss.One Japanese fitness trainer claims that if you drink just one liter of apple cinnamon water a day, you can lose two kilograms in a week.

Material UsedOne apple, one cinnamon, one liter of water
Production MethodsWash the apples and slice them. Put them in hot water with cinnamon and cook for 15 minutes.
TipsIn the hot summer, boil the apple cinnamon water one day before putting it in the refrigerator, and take the frozen cinnamon water out of the street to drink the next day. In addition to cooling off, you can lose weight.

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