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Customize Black Pepper Extract Related Product
- Jun 25, 2021 -

Most of our plant extracts are in the form of powder, but recently we have received special requests from old customers who want black pepper oil. For products in this state, our laboratory's technology is not involved. But we decided to help the customer. The customer set a time limit of only 10 days. The quantity is not too much and the total is 10kg. It also provided relevant product standard requirements, such as heavy metals, microorganisms, and some unfamiliar testing items.

Customize black pepper extract related product 2Customize black pepper extract related product 1

Our technicians consult relevant information and consult companies in the same industry that do related products. Many experiments were done to make samples, and the samples were sent to the customer. There were a total of 3 round trips, and the customer finally approved. At that time, there were only 3 days left, and the technicians worked overtime to produce 10kg of goods. In the end, we got praise from our customers, and our customers have established a long-term cooperative relationship with us.

If you also have special needs for a certain product and you don't know who to choose, you can try to cooperate with us first, and there may be unexpected gains.

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