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Does Andrographis Paniculata Extract Really Work?
- Jul 27, 2021 -

According to a reported that the Thai Constitutional Bulletin website disclosed on the 5th that Andrographis paniculata was included in the "national main drug list" for the fight against new coronary pneumonia, and it was used to "treat patients with mild new coronary pneumonia and avoid becoming severe." The approved Andrographis paniculata includes two types, capsules made of Andrographis paniculata extract and Andrographis paniculata powder capsules, excluding granular drugs. The approval is limited to patent medicines that control the content of Andrographolide (Andrographolide). Studies have shown that Andrographis paniculata has a good auxiliary role in coping with and alleviating the risk of infection with new crowns.

Does andrographis paniculata extract really work by Botanical Cube IncDoes andrographis paniculata extract really work by Botanical Cube Inc 2

Andrographis paniculata extract is one of our main products. We have a special production line to produce it, which can guarantee the stability of product supply and the stability of product quality. The product specifications are diversified and can be selected. The conventional specifications are raw powder and andrographis The lactone specification is 10%-98% for your choice. If you have any needs, you are welcome to consult us.

Andrographis Paniculata Extract Powder by Botanical Cube Inc.Andrographolide Powder by Botanical Cube Inc.

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