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Our Succeed Case About Cinnamon Extract
- Aug 26, 2021 -

1.Introduction of Cinnamon and Hypoglycemia

Cinnamon is a common edible plant in our daily lives. It has many benefits. We are most familiar with its ability to lower blood sugar, and there are more finished products used in this area. The market demand for this function is gradually showing an upward trend . With fast-paced lifestyle and diet of modern people make the glucose in food enter the body, but it cannot be metabolized and discharged in time. After entering the blood, the blood sugar will rise, and long-term high blood sugar will induce diabetes, so diabetes is also called " Wealth sickness that comes out of eating".We have successful customer cases, which we want to share with you today.

2.Our cinnamon extract order process

We contacted the customer in May 2018. In 2018, the customer requested a total of 2 samples, which were 10% polyphenols, and the sample size was about 1kg each time. In 2019, the customer did not order the goods. In 2020, the customer will have 3 samples, and the specifications will be changed from 10% polyphenols to 30% polyphenols. In the first half of 2021, 30% polyphenol samples were also taken. The number of samples increased to 4kg-6kg and the frequency increased. By mid-June, the number began to rise by 60kg-120kg. At present, the customer placed an order of 650kg.Customers can always maintain, not only because of our technical support , but also to help customers solve some technical problems. And our sales staff have been patient to meet customers. And the quality of the product must always remain stable.

Our succeed case about Cinnamon extract by Botanical Cube Inc

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