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What Is The Rest Active Ingredient Of 10% Osthole Powder?
- Aug 12, 2021 -

Sometimes we often receive feedback from customers. They will ask us what is the remaining 90%active ingredient of your 10% pure Cnidium extract (osthole)? Today, I will use Cnidium Extract to make an introduction for you.

Our technical staff gave us the answer, we are 100% 10% pure osthol powder, and the remaining 90% contains some volatile oil (the product itself) and dextrin (some excipients added during our production process) , Mainly starch material, need to be added in high temperature powder spraying, otherwise the powder will be agglomerated and not easy to become powder).

The volatile oil contains the following substances l-Pine-ne / l-Camphene / Bornyl isovale-rate /

Isoborneol / Ostho-le /Cnidimine / IsoPiBrpinelline / Dihydroo-roselol / Columbianetin / ColuInbianadin / o-Acetyl columbianetin /Cnidiadiu.These ingredients sound more complicated, and may only be understood by technicians.Other products are roughly similar. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to consult us. Cnidium Extract Our factory has 13 years of production experience, and there are currently no problems that we cannot solve.

Cnidium Extract powder by Botancial Cube Inc.Cnidium Extract powder by Botancial Cube Inc
Osthole 98% 80% 10%Osthole 10% (for agriculture group)

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