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Why To Be A Customer Must Persist To The End?
- Nov 03, 2021 -

Discover customer's new needs

In July 2021, we participated in an exhibition in related industries. We unexpectedly discovered that a customer needed water-soluble Epimedium. We started to contact the customer when we came back from the exhibition and began to send samples for the first time.

To seek customer feedback

The customer was not very happy to communicate with us. In August, when we asked the customer again, the customer gave feedback. The customer did various tests and found that there was a precipitate at the bottom of the water solution. The epimedium flavonoid index did not meet the customer's requirements. But asking customers for more in-depth information, customers are reluctant to give feedback.

In-depth investigation to understand customers

At the same time, we received inquiries from other old customers about the product of water-soluble epimedium extract. After the samples were sent, the feedback of the old customer was consistent with the feedback of our new customer. The customer here concludes that the new customer has real needs.

sample record

R & D team repeated experiments to provide samples

The next time, we will work hard to develop water-soluble epimedium extracts that meet customer requirements. Every time a new sample comes out, we will send it to customers in time, waiting for customer feedback. Customers have seen our persistence and persistence, and their speaking attitude has also changed a little. We planned to meet with the customer, and the customer agreed to our request.

Face-to-face interviews with customers

Therefore, in the interview in September, the customer stated their specific formula requirements, and the customer trusted us more. With the trust of the customer, the successful product sample is not far away.

The product meets the requirements, talk about the price details

The customer put forward a specific quantity and specific target price. After communication and coordination, the customer received a satisfactory answer.

Water soluble epimedium extract powder

The closing time was in October. It took 3 months from contact with customers to closing. Under the pressure of customers and R&D, we finally persisted to the end. Persistence may not be successful, but we will surely receive good results. If you have the same request welcome to find us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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