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Why We Support Compound Mixed Goods?
- Oct 15, 2021 -

Our company's target customer groups are mainly around large-scale companies, but we will also support some small-scale companies. Any successful company grows from a young age to a large one. For companies that are just starting out, they lack some hardware equipment and human resources. For the steps of mixing various plant extracts, it is easy to operate if the quantity is small, and it is not convenient to operate if the quantity is large. In addition, the operating environment is not good enough to meet the requirements of the aseptic workshop required for the product.

Turmeric ginger powder

Curcumin black pepper extract

Therefore, we decided to develop compound mixed goods. We can control the environment of the workshop during production and mixing, as well as the cleanliness of mixing equipment and product quality for our customers. Currently, we have these two products Turmeric ginger powder, Curcumin black pepper extract. If you have a demand for these two or other mixed products, we look forward to your consultation with us.

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