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Ⅰ.Organization Structure

Our Team

Ⅱ.Purchasing Department

Purchasing Department We are responsible for the procurement process. We will ensure the supply of production raw materials, and equipment so that a smooth production and sales process can take place. For this, goods must be procured at the right time, in the right quantity, and of the right quantity.

Ⅲ.Production Department

We are responsible for converting raw materials and other inputs into finished goods or services. In between the processes of production, the department works to improve the efficiency of the production or assembly line so that it can meet the output targets set by company management and ensure finished products offer consumers the best value and quality. Production Department

Ⅳ.Quality Department

Quality Department We are to ensure profit margins by reducing inefficiencies, operations errors, and product defects. In addition, the purpose also must include proactively improving the capability and capacity of operations through new methods, tools, or skills.

Ⅴ.Sales Department

We are responsible for selling our company's product. We build relationships with our customers. Further, we need to be quality salesperson help identify our customer's unique needs and make sure that those needs are met. Sales Department

Ⅵ.Finance Department

Finance Department We are responsible for obtaining and handling any monies on behalf of the organization. Besides the traditional roles of handling the payroll, income, and expenses, finance department responsibilities also include economic analysis to improve key business strategies.

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