100% Natural Tribulus Terrestris Extract: Saponins: 40%-90%, UV; Protodioscin 20%-40%, HPLC

100% Natural Tribulus Terrestris Extract: Saponins: 40%-90%, UV; Protodioscin 20%-40%, HPLC

Product Name:Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Latin name:TribulusterrestrisL.
Cas no.:22153-44-2
Molecular formula:C30H26O13
Molecular weight:594.52

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Product Details
We are committed to continue to deepen in the areas of talent training, R&D innovation, and manufacturing to ensure that we provide our customers with more quality and precise Cnidium Fruit Extract Osthole 20%, Ginseng Extract Powder, Beta Ecdysterone 95% and services. Our company implements the 'going out' strategy, going abroad, looking overseas, looking for new business opportunities We actively learn from the experience of excellent companies at home and abroad, improve the marketing means and methods and improve the overall marketing level of the company.

Tribulus Terrestris L Fruit Powder is our company's main product, and we have unique advantages in terms of quality and price.

Tribulus Terrestris L Fruit is extracted from natural plants without any side effects.

The photo of raw material


tribulus terrestris extract powder2

The process of extraction:


Other hot-selling specifications:





❀It can stimulate the secretion of luteinizing hormone in the human pituitary and promote the secretion of testosterone in men;

❀It can increase blood testis levels, increase muscle strength, and promote physical recovery.

❀It has the functions of anti-aging, enhancing immunity and activating cells.

❀For the cardiovascular system, it has a protective effect on the myocardium after hypoxia and reoxygenation and ischemia and reperfusion.

❀It can reduce the degree of oxidation. It can increase the blood supply to the cerebral ischemic area, improve the circulation of the brain, and protect the ischemic brain tissue.

❀Targeting the nervous system can reduce hypoxia, induce apoptosis of cortical neurons, and reduce cell damage.

❀It has a certain effect on inhibiting cancer cells, and can also diuresis and lower blood sugar.

Application :

❀Applied in the field of medicine

❀Applied in the field of health products


Faq about Tribulus Terrestris L Fruit Powder:

❀Where do the raw materials come from?

This raw material is produced in Inner Mongolia, China, and is extracted from natural wild Tribulus terrestris. Every autumn when the fruits are ripe, the plants are harvested and dried to lay the fruits to remove impurities.

After years of development, we have a solid market position and we can provide customized 100% Natural Tribulus Terrestris Extract: Saponins: 40%-90%, UV; Protodioscin 20%-40%, HPLC to meet the needs of our customers. Our company has strong production technology, adheres to honest and pragmatic work style, regards quality as life, and wholeheartedly provides you with high-quality products. We have set up a strict quality control system.
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