3+2 Gift Package Set+Eye Cream Yiqi 5th Generation

3+2 Gift Package Set+Eye Cream Yiqi 5th Generation

Other Name: Cyanotis Arachnoidea Extract
CAS.NO.: 5289-74-7
Active Ingredient: Ecdysterone
Purity: 50%
Certification: ISO9001

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We continue to design Hydroxy Ecdysterone, Saw Palmetto Extract Powder, 20% Icariin Horny Goat Weed Extract with excellent concepts, always looking for breakthroughs in core areas. We will adopt professional and industrialized operation to develop a comprehensive logistics system. We insist on taking the enterprise as our home and hope to combine the personal ideal of employees with the development of the enterprise.

Dew Grass Extract Powder with 50% ecdysterone is one of our main specification of Dew Grass Extract Powder series.The geographical environment required for the cultivation of dew grass is more demanding, although it is not like some plants that must be wild. However, the requirements for climate, temperature, and humidity are still relatively strict, so we deliberately selected a raw material planting area, which can avoid unsuitable geographical environment and stabilize the supply demand of raw materials, so as not to put the market in chaos status. Choose us for Dew Grass Extract Powder with 50% ecdysterone we will bring you a different experience.

Plant extract powder produce since 2008 of Botanical Cube Inc.

Dew Grass Extract Powder with Ecdysterone 50% purity by Botanical Cube Inc. (2)


Latin NameCyanotis arachnoidea CB.Clarke
Active IngredientEcdysterone/20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone/Ecdysterone
Part UsedRoot
50% (HPLC)
Heavy Metal≤10% mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/g
Particle Size95% through 80 mesh

Product process:

Product process of 20 Hydroxy Ecdysterone Powder by Botanical Cube Inc.


Muscle-Building Powers:

Sarcopenia an age-related degeneration of skeletal muscle characterized by a loss of muscle mass, strength, and balance as well as the ability to walk and/or stand.Inhibiting myostatin may allow for greater muscle growth means ecdysterone could be a viable option for older individuals looking to fight for sarcopenia.

Application of Dew Grass Extract Powder with Ecdysterone 50% purity by Botanical Cube Inc.

Company information:

Company Information by Botanical Cube Inc.


Transport and package of Botanical Cube Inc.

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In order to improve product quality and economic benefits, technical improvement and innovation must be carried out. After in-depth analysis and research, we decided to apply the new technology to our 3+2 Gift Package Set+Eye Cream Yiqi 5th Generation. We always adhere to the concept of human resources as the first resource and promote the corporate values of people-oriented and social service. We encourage our employees to be innovative, create an innovation system within the company, stimulate the innovation ability of our employees, and create a culture of innovation and vitality.
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