Children Wear Toddler Holiday Dress Party Frocks for Girls with Lace Hem

Children Wear Toddler Holiday Dress Party Frocks for Girls with Lace Hem

[English name]Black Pepper Extract
[Latin name] Piper nigrum L.
[Main specifications] 5% (water-soluble), 10%, 50%, 95%, 98%
[Main ingredient] Piperine Piperine
[Main character] Light yellow, brownish green, white fine powder

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Product Details
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20% piperine black pepper extract powder is known for changing metabolism of various drugs and supplements, most notably increasing curcumin bioavailability.It affects metabolism by both intestinal absorption as well as downregulating or inhibiting phase II detoxification enzymes and the glucuronidation process in the liver.It may also contribute to increase absorption by slowing intestinal transit rate and thus prolonging the time said compounds are exposed to the potential uptake.


Monthly production capacity (kg)










Black Pepper Extract Powder7

Unique Selling Proposition:

1. Raw material imported from India 100% pure natural black pepper extract

2. The piperine content of the pepper material sold in the market is 3%, and the piperine content of the pepper material used by our company is ≥3%

3. Compounding with curcumin can significantly improve the absorption and utilization rate of nutrition and health products by the human body, and has a very good synergistic effect

4. High-purity extraction process piperine content can reach 99%

5. The product has good solubility, and the absolute ethanol is clear and transparent.

Test method:

Black Pepper Extract Powder


1 Used in the field of improving drug efficacy.

2. Used in the field of food and health food.

3. Used in the field of cosmetics.

4. Used in the field of pharmaceutical additives.

Black Pepper Extract Powder1

Function :

1.Effects on the central nervous system


3.Reduce inflammation


Black Pepper Extract Powder2

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