Cnidium Monnieri Extract Powder Osthole 98%

Cnidium Monnieri Extract Powder Osthole 98%

Product name: Cnidium Fruit Extract
Latin name: Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cuss.
CAS No.:484-12-8
Main ingredient: Osthole
Main specifications: 10%-98%

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Product Details
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Cnidium Monnieri Extract Osthole 98% has antispasmodic, lowering blood pressure, anti-arrhythmia, enhancing immune function and broad-spectrum antibacterial effect. Warm kidney and strengthen yang, dry dampness, expel wind, and kill insects. Used for impotence, cold uterus, infertility, cold and dampness, wet nose and low back pain; external treatment of vulvar eczema, itching of women, trichomonal vaginitis.

cnidium monnieri extract osthole

1.The appearance of Cnidium is oval, composed of two-pointed fruits, about 2 mm long and about 1 mm in diameter.

2.The surface is gray-yellow.The top has 2 persistent style bases curved outwards.The back of the split fruits is slightly raised with 2 brown stripes.

3.Slightly protruding longitudinal lines with a light-colored thread;The peel is crispy, with small seeds inside after being cut open, gray-brown, oily; smells fragrant, tastes cold and numb.

The process of test method:HPLC

cnidium monnieri extract osthole1

The process of extraction:

cnidium monnieri extract osthole2


Osthole 98% is used in the field of daily chemicals, more commonly used in gynecological antiseptic gel and gynecological lotion.

cnidium monnieri extract osthole3


1. It kills Trichomonas vaginalis, has inhibitory effect on a variety of fungi, and can prevent gynecological diseases.

2. It has inhibitory effect on pests and plant pathogenic bacteria, and is an effective plant-derived insecticide.

3. Dry dampness, expel wind, for impotence, uterine cold, cold dampness zone, dampness arthralgia, low back pain.

4. Sterilization, anti-itching, anti-oxidation.

cnidium monnieri extract osthole4

Other Osthole specification of Cnidium Monnieri Extract Osthole:

cnidium monnieri extract osthole9

FAQ about cnidium monnieri extract osthole 98%:

★1. What is the standard for purchasing raw materials?

① According to the Chinese Pharmacopoeia, the content of Cnidium monnieri is 1.0%.

②Commercially available Cnidium monnieri medicinal material, content 1.0%-2.3%.

③The company's procurement standards for medicinal materials, with a content of at least 1.6%.


cnidium monnieri extract osthole10


cnidium monnieri extract osthole11

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