Cosmetic Raw Material Penetration Enhancer Piperine

Cosmetic Raw Material Penetration Enhancer Piperine

Active ingredient: Piperine
Purity: 95%
CAS NO: 94-62-2
EINECS NO: 202-348-0
Test: HPLC

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Piperine 95% Black Pepper Extract Powder?

As a traditional herbal medicine, black pepper is one of the important medicinal materials used to treat many diseases.

Piperine 95% Black Pepper Extract is the active ingredient from black pepper seed.

Piperine has pharmacological effects such as sedation, hypnosis, anticonvulsant, skeletal muscle relaxation and antidepressant.




Black Pepper Extract Piperine

piperine 95% black pepper extract powder1

CAS NO: 94-62-2

M. F.: C17H19NO3

M.W.: 285.33766

EINECS NO: 202-348-0


10%- 99% piperine

This products 95% piperine extract , like picture show:

piperine 95% black pepper extract powder2

Black pepper extract  process and testing

piperine production process

Function of piperine black pepper extract powder 

  1. Piperine can be an additive to improve the availability of drugs and nutrients to promote absorption,improve drug efficacy, and reduce drug dosage.

  2. Treat epilepsy

  3. Excellent emulsification and dispersion ability, can promote rapid penetration

  4. Piperine has anti-inflammatory, therapeutic effects on gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, and bruises.

  5. It can also be used as a plant protection agent, pig feed flavoring agent, ulcer inhibitor and the like.

Application of piperine in the market

  1. Used in food and healthcare supplement,

  2. As additives in pharmaceutical industry,

  3. Cosmetics field, Complexion improvement cosmetics.

piperine 95% black pepper extract application

piperine contract

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