GMP Certified Plant Extract

GMP Certified Plant Extract

Product Name:Tribulus Terrestris Extract
Latin name:TribulusterrestrisL.
Cas no.:22153-44-2
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction

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Product Details
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Tribulus terrestris pe is a traditional Chinese medicine. Tribulus terrestris saponin is a substance extracted from Tribulus terrestris. It has certain pharmacological effects.Our raw material is produced in Inner Mongolia, China, and is extracted from natural wild Tribulus terrestris. Every autumn when the fruits are ripe, the plants are harvested and dried to lay the fruits to remove impurities.


Herbal Extract






Brown powder




Pharmaceutical grade

Test Method


Shelf Life

2 years when properly stored

Place of Origin

Shaanxi, China

Other Specification


The process of extraction:



1.It has the effect of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood fat and lowering cholesterol.

2.The water-soluble part of Tribulus has a diuretic effect.

3.The total saponins of tribulus terrestris have significant heart strengthening effect.

4.The total saponins of tribulus terrestris can improve the body's immune function, strengthen and resist aging.


Application :

1.Used in the field of medicine.

2.Used in the field of health products.


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