High Natural Flavonoids Cinnamaldehyde 10%, Polyphenol 10% Cinnamon Bark Extract

High Natural Flavonoids Cinnamaldehyde 10%, Polyphenol 10% Cinnamon Bark Extract

Products name:Cassia bark extract
Specification:10% polyphenol
Test method:UV
Extraction solvent:Ethanol and water

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Product Details
We are the leading company in the Pomegranate Fruit Powder, Magnolia Bark 10:1 Extract Powder, Ginger Root Extract Powder 10:1 industry in terms of size, product variety, production and sales volume. We warmly welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our company, and to cooperate with us for a splendid future together. Our entrepreneurial spirit is: strict, down-to-earth, progressive and innovative. Our company through the technical innovation, enterprise structure adjustment measures, to achieve the purpose of continuous development of our company.

Cassia Bark Extract is Lauraceae Cinnamomum.It’s a traditional homology of medicine and food plant. China is a main source area. It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas of Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, Yunnan etc.The active ingredient is cinnamon polyphenol.It's used in food,dietary supplement,medicine field.

cassia bark extract 10%

Product Name

Cassia bark extract

Active ingredient




Test methods


Used part



Red brown powder

Water solubility

Dissolve in water


Ethanol and water

Series of Cassia Bark Extract

1cinnamon bark extract powder 10%2


   Cinnamon polyphenols

      Cinnamon oil


Cinnamon extract powder function


1.Can I get a sample?

Yes.We can afford 20g~50g free sampe,please contact us to arrange sample if you need.

2.What’s your purity about cinnamon polyphenols?

Our specification from 10%~30%.

3.What’s the delivery time?

Sample order:About 3 days after receiving payment.

Formal order:About 5 days after receiving payment.

4.What’s your payment method?

We can use T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal and so on.

We would like to win more partners with our excellent High Natural Flavonoids Cinnamaldehyde 10%, Polyphenol 10% Cinnamon Bark Extract and service quality, and make it our goal to improve and strengthen our brand. We insist on rigorous scientific attitude, pioneering work style, high quality products and perfect after-sales service. Our corporate culture aims to improve the competitiveness of the enterprise and achieve the comprehensive and coordinated development of the enterprise and people.
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