High Quality Powdered Herbal Natural Polyphenol Cinnamon Extracts

High Quality Powdered Herbal Natural Polyphenol Cinnamon Extracts

Product Name:cinnamon polyphenol extract
Active ingredient:polyphenol
Test Method:UV

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Product Details
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Cinnamon Polyphenol Extract,it is one homology of medicine and food plant.The used part is bark.The bark is brown.It has a long history of use in China.Because cinnamon is rich in nutrients and has a strong health effect.Cinnamon bark is often used as a spice, cooking material and medicine.



Product name: Cinnamon Polyphenol

Latin Name:Cinnamomum cassia Presl

Active Ingredient:polyphenol



Used Part:Bark

Appearance:Red brown fine powder

Test method:UV


Certificate of Analysis:

cinnamon bark extract COA

Proposed Dosage


Recommended Dose

10% cinnamon polyphenols


20% cinnamon polyphenols


30% cinnamon polyphenols


Cinnamon Polyphenol Extract Production Process:

cinnamon bark extract powder flow chart

Our Advantage:

1.The raw material is high quality cinnamon produced in Guangxi province in China.

2.Our cinnamon extract has a good water solubility.

3.Only edible alcohol and water are used in the extraction process.

4.We don’t add tea polyphenols, gallic acid and other sources cheap polyphenols


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