ISO SGS Certified Moringa Leaf Extract/Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract

ISO SGS Certified Moringa Leaf Extract/Moringa Oleifera Leaf Extract

Product Name:Moringa leaf powder
Used Part:Leaf
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Test Method:TLC
Shelf Life:24 Months

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Product Details
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Moringa Extract Powder(Moringa) belongs to the Moringa family and is native to the foothills of the West Malaya Mountains in northern India and northern Africa. It is called the "miracle tree". The main extraction parts are the leaves and bark of Moringa. Studies have shown that Moringa leaves are rich in nutrients, high in vitamins A, B, B1, B3, C, E, high in protein, high in fiber, containing six minerals, five trace elements and eleven essential amino acids. Each 100g of Moringa leaf contains 27.1g of protein, which is about twice that of milk, and vitamin C is about 7 times that of fresh orange. Moringa has the effects of reducing fever, reducing inflammation, refreshing, purifying blood vessels, reducing weight, improving skin, and enhancing libido.




1. Moringa Extract Powder can soften the epidermal cells, make the skin smooth, soft, nourish the skin, and supplement the body's amino acids.

2. It can get rid of melanin, inhibit the formation of tyrosine mold, remove acne, and remove spots.

3. It has the functions of sterilizing, cleansing the skin, improving dark yellow skin, moisturizing, moisturizing, slimming and other functions.


1. As an important active ingredient in pharmaceutical, for instance, it acts as potent anti- tuberculosis and used to cure liver diseases; it also stimulates the sympathetic nerve endings and accelerates the heart beats and constricts the blood vessels.

2. In cosmetic industry, the moringa oil is used for various skin and hair care needs.

3. As a natural nutritional supplements, helping to lose weight.


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