Rhodiola Rosea Extract Powder with Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Rhodiola Rosea Extract Powder with Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Latin Name: Rhodiola Rosea L
Extracted Part: Root
Active Ingredient: Salidrosides
Specification: 1%-98%
Test Method:HPLC/UV

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Rhodiola rosea extract powder contains salidroside, tyrosol, ketones and other functional ingredients.

As the main ingredient, salidroside has various pharmacological effects such as anti-fatigue, anti-aging, immune regulation, and scavenging free radicals. The high content of phenolic components in rhodiola root is widely used in various functional cosmetics.

English name:

Rhodiola Rosea Extract

Active ingredient:

Salidroside 1%~10%,


Rosavins 1%~5%,

1%Salidroside+3% Rosavins

this is salidroside 98%

CAS No.:10338-51-9

Molecular formula:

Molecular weight:300.307
EINECS number:1312995-182-4

rhodiola rosea extract powder NN

Every batches of extracts, we have quality assurance deparment to test, and issue COA

rhodiola rosea extract powder coa 98%

Function :

Rhodiola extract restores the immune system to normal by improving T-cell immunity.

Eliminate depression

Protect the cardiovascular system

It has anti-oxidation, whitening and anti-radiation effects; salidroside absorbs light energy, and at the same time converts light energy into energy that is non-toxic to cells, thereby protecting cells

Application & recommended dosage:

the recommend doage of salidroside lotion, essence, face cream, mask, sunscreen, etc is 0.1-3%.

rhodiola rosea extract powder application_WPS

Product Safety :

Rhodiola rosea extract powder is a cosmetic raw material approved by CFDA (China Food and Drug Administration).

It is included in the "International Standard Catalogue of Chinese Names of Cosmetic Ingredients" (2015 edition).

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