Top Quality Angelica Dahurica Extract / Imperatorin

Top Quality Angelica Dahurica Extract / Imperatorin

Active ingredient:imperatorin
Test methods:HPLC

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Product Details
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98% Imperatorin Angelica Dahurica Extract Powder is from Angelica dahurica root, angelica is Umbelliferae Angelica plant,is one of traditional Chinese medicine.

It’s distributed in the Northeast and North China, grows in areas 200 to 1,500 meters above sea level, generally born under forests, streams, shrubs and valley grasslands.Angelica dahurica is used as medicine,also be used as a spice.Imperatorin is acitve ingredient in angelica dahurica extract powder.

98% Imperatorin Angelica Dahurica Extract Powder picture show:

Angelica dahurica extract


Products Name

Angelica dahurica extract

Active Ingredient




Test Method



White powder

Used Part


98% imperatorin angelica dahurica extract powder COA

Angelica dahurica Extract COA

Product Function

1. Angelica dahurica extract has the effect of whitening and removing freckle.

2. It has antipyretic and analgesic effects

3. It has effect in anti-inflammatory.

4. It has an effect on cardiovascular.

Product Application in Marketimperatorin


1.Can I get a sample?

Yes.If you need,please contact us to arrange sample.

2.What’s your purity about angelica dahurica extract powder?

Our angelica dahurica extract imperatorin specification from 1%~98%.

We can customize products for you according to your requirement.

3.What’s the delivery time?

Sample order:About 3 days after receiving payment.

Formal order:About 5 days after receiving payment.

4.What’s your payment method?

We can use T/T,L/C,Western Union,Paypal and so on.

With industry-leading technical strength, experienced technical team, and honesty-based service attitude, we provide our customers with effective and professional quality services to create first-class brand in the Top Quality Angelica Dahurica Extract / Imperatorin industry. We give full play to the potential of our brand resources and use our brand value to create the most benefits for our company. We are committed to the realization of advanced technology, comprehensive services, intelligent products, intelligent management.
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