USP Standard Factory Price 98% Bioperine Powder for Sterilization

USP Standard Factory Price 98% Bioperine Powder for Sterilization

[Latin name] Piper nigrum L.
[Main specifications] 5% (water-soluble), 10%, 50%, 95%, 98%
[Main ingredient] Piperine Piperine
[Main character] Light yellow, brownish green, white fine powder

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Black Pepper Extract Powder is a broad-spectrum anticonvulsant. It has a good antagonistic effect on experimental electroconvulsions in mice. It has good resistance to pentylenetetrazol, picrotoxin, strychnine, as well as intraventricular injection tube curaline, glutamate, etc. The convulsive seizures and auditory seizures caused have different degrees of antagonism. It is also effective for certain types of epilepsy. Piperine is more toxic to flies than pyrethrum.


Monthly production capacity (kg)












1 Used in the field of improving drug efficacy

2. Applied in the field of food and health food

3. Applied in the field of cosmetics

4. Applied in the field of pharmaceutical additives

Black Pepper Extract Powder1


1. Has antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-depressant and anti-tumor effects

2. It has the functions of anti-inflammatory, treating stomach diseases and bruises

3. It can be used as a high-level natural food fragrance, making perfume

4. With drug addition, promote drug absorption and improve drug efficacy

Black Pepper Extract Powder2

Faq about Black Pepper Extract Powder:

1. What is the spiciness of piperine?

Calculated in milligrams, the spiciness of refined piperine is about one percent of capsaicin in pepper.

2. What is the PH value of piperine?

Piperine is basically neutral and has a weak alkalinity that can be ignored.

3. Suggested addition:

Health products (slimming) 0.5%-1%

Cosmetics (regulate skin tone) about 2%

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