Aged Black Garlic Extract Powder

Aged Black Garlic Extract Powder

Product Name:Garlic extract powder
Latin Name:Allium sativum L.
Active Ingredient:Allicin

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We comply with the development of the market, close to the international trend, committed to providing customers with satisfactory Beta Ecdysterone 95%, Grape Seed P.E, Tribulus Terrestris Extract. Our company takes strengthening the reform of production technology as the guarantee, the whole range of market development as the guidance and the continuous enhancement of comprehensive strength to win competitiveness as the development strategy. We adhere to the development model of the whole industry chain to achieve full traceability management from raw materials to end consumption. We are willing to be our customer's friend forever, seize the opportunity, cooperate and win-win, and further develop our ambitions. In recent years, we have actively responded to the policy call of national industrial transformation and upgrading, and actively promoted the transformation of new and old kinetic energy.

Garlic Extract Powder with Allicin is one of our main product.Our products are white to light yellow fine powders. Our raw materials are in cooperation with the industrialized garlic extract production base. In addition, we have professional production experience. With the understanding of the market, we adopt advanced biotechnology macroporous resin adsorption, membrane separation, and membrane concentration to effectively control the solvent. Residues and pesticide residue issues. If you have any needs for Garlic Extract Powder with Allicin, you are welcome to consult.

Latin NameAllium sativum L.
Active IngredientAllicin
Part UsedBulb
Heavy Metal≤10% mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/g
Particle Size95% through 80 mesh

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We are responsible for the quality of each Aged Black Garlic Extract Powder, because we always believe that customer satisfaction is to give us the best return. Our company protects the rights and interests of customers and wins the support and trust of customers. Our company is based on emphasizing reality, doing practical work and seeing actual results.

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