Best Price High Quality FDA Registered Epimedium Extract Icariin 98%

Best Price High Quality FDA Registered Epimedium Extract Icariin 98%

Molecular formula: C33H40O15
Molecular weight: 676.66
Melting point: 223-225 ºC
CAS No.:489-32-7
Storage: room temperature

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Our company has become an excellent manufacturer supplying various series of 20% Icariin Horny Goat Weed Extract, Cnidium Monnieri Extract Osthole 98%, Magnolia Bark Extract with advanced technology. Our enterprise has been developing and expanding with the market demand, in order to further expand the scale of production facilities and business value chain to increase production. Our company's corporate executive culture is beneficial to cultivate and improve our executive values, ideas and behavior. We continue to improve our science and technology innovation system and enhance our product and technology development and production capacity. All kinds of specifications of our products are complete, long-term stock is sufficient, we can deliver goods at any time, welcome to order.

Epimedium extract 10% icariin is our company's main product, and its quality and price have unsurpassed advantages over other companies. We are a company that specializes in plant extracts with 12 years of rich experience and is committed to making unremitting efforts for the green and healthy cause of mankind and creating a high-quality plant extract company.Choose us for Epimedium Extract 10% ICARIIN powder is a good decision.

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Latin NameEpimedium brevicornu Maxim.
Active IngredientIcariin
Part UsedLeaf
Heavy Metal≤10% mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/g
Particle Size95% through 80 mesh

Product Process:

Product process of plant extarct powder by Botanical Cube Inc.


Improve erectile function:

This effect is correlated with an increase in PSM and the expression of certain NOS in the CC of castrated rats. These results suggest that icariin may have a therapeutic effect on erectile dysfunction.

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We are a professional Best Price High Quality FDA Registered Epimedium Extract Icariin 98% manufacturer and seller integrating original design, manufacturing, sales service, and after-sales management. On the road of high-quality development, we give consideration to efficiency, focus on innovation, and continue to create value for customers. We strengthen our brand awareness, win the trust of users and gain public support with a good brand image, in order to maintain a competitive advantageous position.

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