Beta Ecdysterone 90% 95% with Good Price

Beta Ecdysterone 90% 95% with Good Price

Active Ingredient:Ecdysterone
Test Method:UV
Delivery time:3~5 work day

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Product Details
While providing high-quality Angelica Dahurica Root Powder, Cyanotis Extract Powder 90% Beta Ecdysterone, Wolfberry Powder to global customers, we are increasingly playing an exemplary role in the industry, seeking to promote social and environmental sustainable development. We cherish every employee's dream and pursuit, and cultivate excellent talents in an all-round and multi-level way. Based on a good technical foundation and relying on strong research and development strength, our company has continuously carried out technological innovation, made many major breakthroughs and formed independent intellectual property rights of enterprises. We have introduced the advanced technology abroad and cultivated a group of skilled and dedicated production, manufacturing and construction personnel.

Beta Ecdysterone Powder 95% UV extracted is one of our main product.After market sales experience, some customers will mainly use it as feed. As long as the corresponding fields are involved, relevant certificates will be required. For example, when using feed, a certificate related to feed additives is required. Don't worry about this. In order to expand our customer base, we will manage relevant certificates and qualifications.So Beta Ecdysterone Powder 95% UV choose us is a good choice.

Plant extract powder produce since 2008 of Botanical Cube Inc.

Beta Ecdysterone Powder 95% UV by Botanical Cube Inc.1


Latin NameCyanotis arachnoidea CB.Clarke
Active IngredientEcdysterone/20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone/Ecdysone
Part UsedRoot
95% (UV)
Heavy Metal≤10% mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/g
Particle Size95% through 80 mesh

Product process:

Product process of 20 Hydroxy Ecdysterone Powder by Botanical Cube Inc.


Good for shrimp and crab shelling:

The main raw material of shelling element,this product is suitable for the artificial breeding of shrimps, crabs and other aquatic crustaceans and ground insects. After adding this product, the shrimps and crabs can be smoothly shelled, and the shelling of shrimps and crabs is consistent. It can effectively avoid mutual killing among individuals, and significantly improve the survival rate of breeding and commodity specifications.

Beta Ecdysterone Powder 95% UV by Botanical Cube IncCompany information:

Company Information by Botanical Cube Inc.


Transport and package of Botanical Cube Inc.

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In terms of quality, we strictly control the quality to ensure that the Beta Ecdysterone 90% 95% with Good Price sold by our company meet the needs of customers, so that customers can use them at ease and relieve customers from worries. Our company advocates a corporate culture of unity, innovation, and people-oriented. We expect to cooperate with you to develop a larger market.
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