Biond Magnolia Flower Extract Powder

Biond Magnolia Flower Extract Powder

Product name:magnolia bark extract powder
Latin name:Magnolia officinalis Wils.
Cas no.:CAS:528-43-8
​Test Method:HPLC
Used part:bark

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Magnolia Bark Extract Powder with magnolol 98% is one of our main product.The magnolia raw material we use is peeled from April to June. Put the processed dry skin into boiling water and boil it slightly, and then take it out and place it in a damp place to dry in the shade. This treatment method will reduce the content of benzopyrene in the product. If it is dried at high temperature, it will greatly increase heavy metals and benzopyrene.Manufacturers that can control from the raw materials must produce reliable products. Therefore, it is right to choose us for Magnolia Bark Extract Powder with magnolol 98%.

Plant extract powder produce since 2008 of Botanical Cube Inc.

Magnolia Bark Extract Powder with 98% Magnolol by Botanical Cube Inc



Latin NameMagnolia officinalis Rehd. et Wils.
Active IngredientMagnolol
Part UsedBark
Heavy Metal≤10% mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/g
Particle Size95% through 80 mesh

Product process:

Product process of magnolia bark extarct powder by Botanical Cube Inc.


Relieve depression:

Magnolia bark affects the activity of both serotonin and dopamine, two neurotransmitters that are important to mood. Research indicates that magnolia on its own and in combination with ginger can help with depression.

Application of Magnolia Bark Extract Powder with 98% Magnolol by Botanical Cube Inc

Company information:

Company Information by Botanical Cube Inc.


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We have invested a lot of money to introduce a number of international leading finishing equipment and technologies, and established a complete manufacturing process and quality management system to ensure the quality of the Biond Magnolia Flower Extract Powder. Our company also pays attention to the technical training of employees, product quality, and expand the inspection of product technical indicators. We are committed to the development of new products.

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