China Manufacturer Plant Extract Imperatorin 1% 98% 482-44-0 Ammidin Powder

China Manufacturer Plant Extract Imperatorin 1% 98% 482-44-0 Ammidin Powder

Test Methold:HPLC
Deliver Time:Around 3 working days
Payment Way:T/T L/C Paypal
Sample:10-50g can be accepted
Certification:ISO Hala Kosher

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We adopt high-quality raw materials to make our Tremella Polysaccharide Extract Powder, Ecdysone Herbal Extract, Turmeric Root Powder more durable and environmentally friendly. We develop international market in all aspects, share benefits and risks. We will build a harmonious enterprise, share the fruits of development and win a better future together.

◆The market situation of ammidin powder

Most of our customer groups are pharmaceutical customers, and the extract of Angelica dahurica extract is mainly antibacterial. The dosage forms made by customers are mainly in powder state and paste state. The powder state mainly has requirements for the number of meshes. The highest requirement is 120 meshes. The customer’s input costs are different, so we can customize the corresponding purity specifications for customers to meet customer needs. If the color of the finished product is required to be combined with other products, try to choose a high purity of 98%. This specification is white, which is convenient for mixing. Equipped with other products.

◆The storage time of Bai Zhi Extract Powder

Our Angelica dahurica extract is mainly extracted by solvent and dried by high-temperature spray. The solvent will be extracted about 3 times, and the temperature is controlled at about 80 degrees Celsius, so that it will not destroy the active ingredient imperatorin in the product. The content can also allow the goods to be stored for a period of time in a dry environment at room temperature. Generally, the unopened package can be stored in a dry environment at room temperature for 2 years.

Extraction liquid storage tank by Botanical Cube IncExtraction tank by Botanical Cube Inc.Vacuum drying oven by Botanical Cube Inc.
Extraction liquid storage tankExtraction tankVacuum drying oven

ammidin powder by Botanical Cube Inc


Yellow green powderConformsVisual
Unique smell of angelica dahuricaConformsOrganoleptic
TasteUnique taste of angelica dahuricaConformsOlfactory
Bulk DensitySlack Density0.46g/mlUSP616
Particle Size95%Through 80 MeshConformsCP2015


Total Heavy Metals<10ppmConformsCP2015


Aerobic Bacterial Count≤1,000 CFU/gConformsGB4789.2
Yeast≤100 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Mold≤100 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Escherichia Coli
<3.0 MPN/gConformsGB4789.38
SalmonellaNot DetectedConformsGB4789.4
Staphlococcus AureusNot DetectedConformsGB4789.10


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Our company have accumulated rich practical experience in China Manufacturer Plant Extract Imperatorin 1% 98% 482-44-0 Ammidin Powder technology research and development with strong professional advantages based on relevant professional technical research and talents, and integrated the high-quality technical advantages of world-class companies. The ever-increasing market share is the best proof of our firm leadership in the industry. Our achievements are inseparable from the struggle of our staff and the support of friends from all walks of life.

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