Halal 98% Andrographolide Andrographis Paniculata Extract Powder

Halal 98% Andrographolide Andrographis Paniculata Extract Powder

Specification:Straight Powder
Test Methold:TLC
Deliver Time:Around 3 working days
Payment Way:T/T L/C Paypal
Sample:5g-10g can be accepted
Certification:ISO Hala Kosher

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Product Details

We accelerate the promotion of internationalization strategy and overseas market expansion, hoping that our Water Soluble Fructus Cnidii Extract Powder, Rhodiola Rosea Extract Powder, Ginger Root Extract Powder 10 1 and services will spread to more countries and regions. The company insists on enabling the development of the industry with science and technology, strives to promote the deep integration of technological innovation and the construction industry, and accelerates the pace of innovation and development. We look forward to your coming to learn and grow together with us to create a better future!

Our kalmegh dry extract powder service

1.Our Andrographis paniculata extract can be processed to remove chlorophyll to change the color of the product, because some customers want a brown powder, which is beneficial to their finished products. During this process, there is no need to worry about the loss of other active ingredients. We have a special technology of Andrographis paniculata extract, which reduces the loss of active ingredients by adding the final step of filtration during the processing.

2.Our Andrographis paniculata extract can be processed directly from plants and made into a powder state called Andrographis paniculata powder. This processing method needs to be processed now, otherwise the microorganisms and bacteria are not easy to control. There is also the process of high temperature powder spraying, and the effective ingredient andrographolide 10%-98% is extracted by solvent. This microorganism, new army heavy metals and other indicators can be well controlled.

Kalmegh dry extract powder by Botanical Cube Inc


Green brown powderConformsVisual
Unique smell of andrographis paniculataConformsOrganoleptic
TasteUnique taste of andrographis paniculataConformsOlfactory
Bulk DensitySlack Density0.56g/mlUSP616
Particle Size95%Through 80 MeshConformsCP2015


Andrographis paniculata/
Total Heavy Metals<10ppmConformsCP2015


Aerobic Bacterial Count≤10,000 CFU/gConformsGB4789.2
Yeast≤1000 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Mold≤1000 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
SalmonellaNot DetectedConformsGB4789.4
Staphlococcus AureusNot DetectedConformsGB4789.10


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With continuous innovation, rich design and production experience, high-quality equipment and comprehensive after-sales service, we have become a core enterprise in the Halal 98% Andrographolide Andrographis Paniculata Extract Powder industry with the approval and support of our customers. We not only focus on the domestic market, but also fully understand the characteristics of overseas markets and have stabilized the foundation of overseas markets. We face the future with full confidence in today's rapid development of science and technology.

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