ISO SGS Certified Natural Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract/Resveratrol 98% in HPLC

ISO SGS Certified Natural Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract/Resveratrol 98% in HPLC

Latin Name: Vitis vinifera L.
Appearance: Reddish Brown Powder
Part Use: Seed
CAS No: 84929-27-1
Specification: 95%
Test Method: UV

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Product Details
We hope to obtain the greatest profit with the smallest investment, and help customers increase production efficiency and improve quality of Semen Ziziphi Spinosae Extract, 10: 1 Fructus Cnidii Extract, Epimedium Leaf Extract Flavone 10%. We adhere to the business philosophy that technology is productivity. Our company fully adheres to and implements the people-oriented corporate culture concept, and overcomes the deficiency of overemphasizing collective spirit and neglecting individual development in the process of corporate culture construction. We are committed to ensuring that customers are satisfied with our diversified products, while providing them with reliable and efficient customer service. Our company's philosophy is people-oriented, strict management, reform and innovation, quality service.

Grape Seed P.E with 95% Procyanidine(OPC) is one of our main product.The raw materials we use are fine grape seeds from Europe, brown-red powder made by countercurrent extraction, resin analysis, concentration, and spray drying. Our products have high oligomeric proanthocyanidins and outstanding quality. Very specific fingerprints, to provide customers with the guarantee of genuine products. At present, our daily feed can reach 20 tons, which can provide you with a stable source of goods.If you want to know more about Grape Seed P.E with 95% Procyanidine(OPC), you are welcome to visit us.

Grape Seed P.E by Botanical Cube Inc.


Latin NameVitis vinifera L.
Active IngredientProcyanidine/OPC
Part UsedSeed
Heavy Metal≤10% mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/g
Particle Size95% through 80 mesh

Product process:

Process of Grape Seed P.E with 95% Procyanidine(OPC) by Botanical Cube Inc.


Improve the body's anti-allergic ability:

After people take grape seed extract, it can also improve the body's anti-allergic ability, because grape seed extract contains a variety of active ingredients, which can inhibit the release of the sensitizing factor histamine in the human body, and it can also enhance the body's tissue cell The tolerance of allergens can stabilize the blood vessels of the skin and the tissues of various organs, which can fundamentally prevent the occurrence of allergic symptoms.

Company information:

Company Information by Botanical Cube Inc.


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The company has a sound scientific management method and leading technology to lay the foundation for high-quality ISO SGS Certified Natural Polygonum Cuspidatum Extract/Resveratrol 98% in HPLC. In order to enable customers to get the most efficient service in the shortest time, we constantly develop and introduce the latest specifications of products to expand and enrich the inventory to meet the customer's requirements. Reputation-based, service first, high quality to win is our long-term business philosophy.
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