Stevia Extract Stevioside 97% Ra CAS 57817-89-7 Stevia Powder

Stevia Extract Stevioside 97% Ra CAS 57817-89-7 Stevia Powder

Product name:stevia leaf extract powder
Active ingredient:Stevioside
Test method:HPLC

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Stevia leaf extract powder active ingredient is Stevioside.The Latin name is stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl. It is a perennial herbs.Stevia is native to South America.Shaanxi, Gansu, Yunnan and other province of China have been introduced and cultivated.Stevia likes to live in a warm and moist environment.It belongs to short - day plants with strong sensitivity to light.stevioside is a natural sweetener with low calorie and high sweetness.It is very popular in the market.

stevia leaf extract

Product Name

Stevia leaf extract powder

Latin Name

Stevia rebaudiana (Bertoni) Hemsl.

Active Ingredient




Test Method


Used Part




Molecular Formula



1. Stevia leaf extract can be used as medical sweetener excipients.

2. Stevia extract can prevent childhood dental caries

3. It is one pure natural sweetness used in food and drink industry.

4.Stevia mainly has the function of treating diabetes, controlling blood sugar, lowering blood pressure


stevia leaf extract powder application

stevia leaf extract COA


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