Supplements Raw Materials Goji Freeze Dried Powder (Organic) /Goji Berry Extract/Goji spray Dired Powder for Food/Pharm

Supplements Raw Materials Goji Freeze Dried Powder (Organic) /Goji Berry Extract/Goji spray Dired Powder for Food/Pharm

Product Name: Goji Berry Extract
Latin Name: Lycium barbarum L.
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Part Used: Fruit
Active Ingredient:Goji polysaccharides
Appearance: Light Brown Powder

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Product Details
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Goji Berry Extract powder-As we all know, wolfberry has a long history of homology of medicine and food, and it is a famous Chinese and foreign precious Chinese medicinal material. Lycium barbarum is of great significance to human health, and can be used for health care. It is a favorite fruit of people.

Goji berries are relatively mild in nature, and eating a little more is not harmful, but if there is no restraint, eating too much can make you angry. Lycium barbarum contains a variety of amino acids, and contains special nutrients such as betaine, zeaxanthin, and berry red, which make it have a very good health effect. It is more suitable for people with excessive eyes and the elderly.


Product Name

Goji berry extract

Latin name



Brown yellow fine powder

Part of Used


Active ingredients



10%-50% polysaccharids

Test method




goji Berry extract


1. It has the functions of protecting the reproductive system, protecting the kidney and liver, resisting radiation and promoting development.

2. It can significantly increase libido and improve sexual function, and has a positive effect on the treatment of male sexual dysfunction.

3. Goji Berry Extract powder polysaccharides affect immune regulation in many ways.

4. It has the function of protecting liver and kidney tissue, and is a good hypoglycemic substance.

5. Goji Berry Extract can play a neuroprotective effect by resisting the stress level of nerve cell endoplasmic reticulum.

goji Berry extract1


1. Used in the field of food and solid beverages.

2. Used in the field of health products.

3. Applied in the field of medicine.

goji Berry extract2

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