Tribulus Terrestris Saponins 90% Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Tribulus Terrestris Saponins 90% Tribulus Terrestris Extract

Specification:40% Total Saponins
Test Methold:UV
Deliver Time:Around 3 working days
Payment Way:T/T L/C Paypal
Sample:10-50g can be accepted
Certification:ISO Hala Kosher

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Product Details

We invest a lot of money in the training of senior technical personnel in order to master the advanced technology and lead the development trend of the Piperine Extract Powder 50 , Fructus Cnidii Powder, Water Soluble Curcumin Powder industry. We believe that mutual respect and trust form the basis of effective working relationships, thus we treat each and every employee with respect. We further enhance the company's strength and development capacity, and further improve the level and quality of development. Our company continuously develops high technology, realizes industrialization, enhances our competitiveness, productivity and innovation ability.

PAHs standared control for our product

1.Tribulus terrestris extract, the plant raw material itself also contains some polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, but it will not affect the overall product. In the production process, it must go through the high-temperature spray drying step, so the substance of the raw material itself will be changed, and this index will also increase.

2.But don't worry, some of our customer groups have specifically put forward requirements for this indicator, requiring less than 50ppm, so with the efforts of our project team personnel, we have overcome this difficulty together, which can reach less than 50ppm, and currently it can achieve about 21.8ppm. Sometimes it can reach 20ppm.If you have any other indicator requirements about Tribulus Terrestris Pe, you are welcome to send them to us and look forward to communicating with you.


Advantages of our products

Our Tribulus Fruit Powder specifications are mainly 40% and 90%, but currently we also customize some specifications to customers, such as 45%, 95%, and we can even purify to more than 100%. If you happen to have a need like this, you are welcome to consult us.

Tribulus Terrestris L Fruit Powder show by Botanical Cube Inc.


Yellow brown powderConformsVisual
Unique smell of tribulus terrestrisConformsOrganoleptic
TasteUnique taste of tribulus terrestrisConformsOlfactory
Bulk DensitySlack Density45.35g/100mlUSP616
Particle Size95%Through 80 MeshConformsCP2015


Total Saponins
Total Heavy Metals<10ppmConformsCP2015


Aerobic Bacterial Count≤1,000 CFU/gConformsGB4789.2
Yeast≤100 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Mold≤100 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Escherichia Coli
<3.0 MPN/gConformsGB4789.38
SalmonellaNot DetectedConformsGB4789.4
Staphlococcus AureusNot DetectedConformsGB4789.10


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0086 29 8919 3789


We are guided by science and technology, driven by the quality of talents and develop new markets with quality and reputation. Relying on advanced production technology, flexible business methods, excellent products, and high-quality services, we provide customers with high-quality Tribulus Terrestris Saponins 90% Tribulus Terrestris Extract. We always abide by the tradition of diligence, thrift, diligence and diligence to ensure the sustainable development of the enterprise. Under the trend of economic integration and the influence of product homogeneity, the essence of market economy competition requires us to improve our overall strength and master the core competitiveness.

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