Ziziphi Seed Extract Jujube Seed Extract 2% Jujubosides

Ziziphi Seed Extract Jujube Seed Extract 2% Jujubosides

Active ingredient:Jujubosides
Appearance:Brown fine powder
extract solvent:Ethanol and water

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We are searching ahead towards your visit for joint growth for Water-Soluble Black Pepper Extract Powder, Ginseng Extract Powder, 20 Hydroxy Ecdysterone Powder. Our range of merchandise and services is continuously expanding to meet customers' requirements. We insist on adjusting the product structure and comprehensively improving the product quality to seize the market. Our company has a variety of excellent processing equipment and production lines, perfect testing technical means and product quality assurance system.

Jujube Extract Powder 2% Jujubosides extracted from spine date is our main product.According to our market research, some of the customer groups will apply the product to some liquid finished products, so the solubility of the product and the problem of solvent residues will be taken into consideration. Taking into account these possible problems, our project team leader has made preparations in advance. If you really have a need in Jujube Extract Powder 2% Jujubosides, please feel free to contact us.

Jujube Extract Powder 2% Jujubosides by Botanical Cube Inc.(1)


Latin NameZiziphus jujuba Mill.var.spinosa( Bunge) Hu exH.F.Chou
Active IngredientTotal Saponins
Part UsedSeed
Heavy Metal≤10% mg/kg
Total Plate Count≤1000CFU/g
Particle Size95% through 80 mesh

Product process:

Product process of Jujube Extract Powder with Total Saponins by Botanical Cube Inc.


Protective effect on the cardiovascular system:

Jujube seed has a protective effect on the cardiovascular system. Experts have found through clinical research that Suanzaoren has a regulatory effect on arrhythmia, has a protective effect on myocardial cell damage, and can prevent arrhythmia to a certain extent.

Company information:

Product process of Jujube Extract Powder with Total Saponins by Botanical Cube Inc.


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Our company specializes in the production and processing of Ziziphi Seed Extract Jujube Seed Extract 2% Jujubosides and other products with a complete and scientific quality management system. We accelerate investment in core quality resources in the industry chain to help our business units establish unique competitive advantages and thus gain asset appreciation. We understand and grasp the needs of our customers now and in the future. We do not just provide products, we provide customized services and system solutions.
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