• Botanical Cube's icariin powder with the most favorable price in the market
    Botanical Cube's icariin powder with the most favorable price in the marketMay 18, 2022

    Epimedium extract is one of our company's main products, we can provide you with a variety of specifications, icariin 5%-98%. Our product technology and raw material supply have been further upgraded, the cost of the product has reached the optimal state, and the quality is also very stable. If you have real needs for this, we will provide you with the best price and the most favorable price. Good after-sales service.

  • New video about our company
    New video about our companyApr 24, 2022

    Maintaining effective contact with customers is not only to help customers solve problems when they have problems but also to notify customers in time to adjust prices and stock up when there are changes in the market or raw materials. The most important thing is to let customers know that you are growing and to update customers in time with the latest company news. This is the latest video of our company, which contains clips of offices, laboratories, testing rooms, and factories. We are your trusted manufacturers.

  • Update on our capsule packaging
    Update on our capsule packagingApr 20, 2022

    Since we started to customize the capsule packaging of powder products, more and more customers have asked about the specifications of our regular capsules and what accessories are needed when packaging, so the following video has been made for your reference.

  • Do you know the logistics situation during the epidemic?
    Do you know the logistics situation during the epidemic?Apr 14, 2022

    During the epidemic, logistics and transportation will inevitably be affected, and there is no way to guarantee the timeliness. Fortunately, customers can understand and support us. With their support, we put our minds on products and provide customers with better quality and better prices. Good product.

  • New sales campaign kicks off
    New sales campaign kicks offMar 28, 2022

    ​Botanical Cube's new sales campaign has kicked off again. After the epidemic in February, we have accumulated energy and strive to make up for a perfect start to 2022. Hope our sales campaign has a perfect ending!

  • Rip Victimes of crashed China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735
    Rip Victimes of crashed China Eastern Airlines Flight MU5735Mar 28, 2022

    All 132 onboard crashed MU5735 confirmed dead. We are very sorry to hear this news, hope they can be peaceful and pain-free in heaven.

  • Happy Woman's Day!
    Happy Woman's Day!Mar 08, 2022

    The most beautiful flowers are only for you, the most mellow wine is only for you, the deepest love is only for you, and the most sincere greetings are only for you. Goddess Festival is coming, may you be as proud as a lion and gentle as a girl. There is always light in the eyes and flowers in the hands.

  • Our ISO and Halal certificate are being renewed
    Our ISO and Halal certificate are being renewedFeb 26, 2022

    A qualification certificate is very important to us. It is a way to show respect to customers and an important step to win the trust of customers. We will always strive to do our best and hope to get your support!

  • Happy Lantern Festival!
    Happy Lantern Festival!Feb 15, 2022

    Today is the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, as well as our sales summary meeting in the last quarter of 2021. Through this sales activity, we have gained a lot and look forward to new challenges in 2022. Come on!

  • What is cinnamaldehyde used for?
    What is cinnamaldehyde used for?Feb 09, 2022

    Cinnamaldehyde, also known as cinnamaldehyde, is generally obtained from cinnamon branches and leaves by steam distillation (content > 75%). It is a light yellow oily liquid at room temperature, with a strong cinnamon aroma, sweet and spicy taste, and burning sensation. With the healthy and rapid development of animal husbandry, the application prospect of cinnamaldehyde in the feed industry is very broad.

  • What delicious food can you eat when you are celebrating Chinese New Year?
    What delicious food can you eat when you are celebrating Chinese New Year?Jan 30, 2022

    If this is your first Spring Festival in China, what special food you can eat really depends on which province you are in. If you are in the north Jiaozi or dumplings are never absent in every celebration. But in Guangzhou chicken is always on the table. There is also the smoked pork in Sichuan, fish cakes in Hubei, or spring rolls in Fujian. To explore all new year food in China can be a lifelong quest, but you can live a very enjoyable life here.

  • Spring festival is coming soon~
    Spring festival is coming soon~Jan 28, 2022

    The traditional Chinese festival is coming soon, our company is preparing to clean up, and then we can have a beautiful holiday and prepare for the festival.

  • The warmth of online communication during the epidemic
    The warmth of online communication during the epidemicJan 24, 2022

    On January 24, 2022, the city where we are located, Xi'an, was finally lifted. During the epidemic, working from home is inseparable from some warm people and warm things. I have collected these warm, moments as fond memories. In addition, the Chinese New Year is coming soon. I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

  • The current situation of our work during the epidemic
    The current situation of our work during the epidemicJan 12, 2022

    Our company is located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province. So far, we have been closed for 20 days due to the new crown epidemic, but don't worry, our work is still going on normally. Every day we work from home, we will learn product knowledge in depth, which can provide you with better service to help you solve the problem.

  • Merry Christmas Eve!
    Merry Christmas Eve!Dec 24, 2021

    On Christmas Eve, snow flies, wine and delicacies, Santa Claus, and reindeer knocking on the door. Close your eyes, feel the falling stars, feel the snow under the stars, crystal clear. I would like to turn into the lightly falling snowflakes on the Christmas tree, sending you warm blessings and a happy Christmas Eve!

  • We believe we can fight Xi'an!
    We believe we can fight Xi'an!Dec 23, 2021

    The epidemic in Xi'an has become more and more serious in recent days, and everyone must pay attention to protection. Our company is always based on the interests of employees and is able to update the work policy as soon as possible. We are gratified for this and sorted out the status of the company about these few days.

  • Christmas greetings in advance
    Christmas greetings in advanceDec 22, 2021

    Dear customers, Christmas is coming soon.We are very happy that we can come all the way. Thank you for your support. This is a carefully prepared gift for you. We hope you will enjoy it.

  • What is winter solstice?
    What is winter solstice?Dec 21, 2021

    Today is Winter Solstice which is one of the 24 solar terms. It is the longest night and the shortest day of the year.In orth of China,people will eat dumplings on Winter Solstice,in soth of China,people will eat rice dumplings on Winter Solstice.

  • Botanical Cube's anniversary memory
    Botanical Cube's anniversary memoryDec 15, 2021

    Our foreign trade department, Botanical Cube Inc. was established on December 14, 2017. It has been 4 years until December 14, 2021. The four years have been sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy, starting from scratch. So far, we have made a small success.

  • Sharing learning class
    Sharing learning classDec 10, 2021

    ​It has now entered the last month of 2021, December, in order to be able to better complete the sales target. We have launched a sharing learning class. We share customer cases together, learn the theory of the product in-depth, ask questions and solve problems, and hope to bring you the best experience.

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