• Finish the battle in 2021
    Finish the battle in 2021Oct 13, 2021

    ​There is one last quarter before the end of 2021, and it's time to sprint again. Everyone wants to spend a good year to welcome the next year. Therefore, under the call of the company, the sales department launched the last quarter performance sprint activity, hoping to get the strong support of all customers and friends, we will strive to provide you with the best service and the best products.

  • Happy Birthday to Google's 23rd birthday!
    Happy Birthday to Google's 23rd birthday!Sep 27, 2021

    Happy birthday to google's 23rd birthday!

  • Happy National day of China on Octomber 1st !
    Happy National day of China on Octomber 1st !Sep 27, 2021

    The term "National Day" originally refers to national celebrations and was first seen in the Western Jin Dynasty. The writer Lu Ji of the Western Jin Dynasty has recorded in his "On the Five Classes of Princes" that "National Day enjoys its own benefits, the main concern is not its harm", and the major events of the Chinese feudal era and national celebrations are more important than the enthronement and birth of the emperor.

  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival !Sep 18, 2021

    The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the traditional Chinese festivals. It is a good day for a family reunion to eat moon cakes and enjoy the moon. If you have the chance, I hope you can come to China, take a look at our factory's production situation, and experience the traditional Chinese festival atmosphere.

  • Achieved performance in August
    Achieved performance in AugustSep 06, 2021

    According to our sales experience, September is the peak season for purchasing, so we started to accumulate energy in August. We take every live broadcast seriously, take every customer seriously, even though there will be problems with a time lag, our sales staff will also be able to respond to customers in a timely manner.

  • Big screen sharing record
    Big screen sharing recordSep 03, 2021

    Recently, the company purchased a huge display screen to motivate all employees. It will display your daily sales and monthly sales goals on the big screen, as well as the photos of the sales champions and achievements on the screen. Not only can it be used to motivate everyone, but it can also allow everyone to exercise during rest periods, combining work and rest, and work efficiency will be higher.

  • Happy Qiqiao Festival !
    Happy Qiqiao Festival !Aug 13, 2021

    Tomorrow will be our Chinese traditional festival, Valentine's Day, Qixi Festival, also known as Qiqiao Festival, on the seventh day of the lunar calendar. It is a beautiful love story of the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl in ancient times. Love is beautiful hope everyone can find a good partner to accompany him through his life.

  • 13th Anniversary
    13th AnniversaryAug 04, 2021

    Congratulations to our company’s 13th anniversary and happy birthday!

  • Go Henan, Zhengzhou hold on!
    Go Henan, Zhengzhou hold on!Jul 22, 2021

    Heavy rains in Henan continue to affect the concern of all sectors of society. From 20: 00 on July 22 to 20: 00 on 23 July, there were moderate to heavy rains in central and eastern Zhejiang, eastern Fujian, eastern Yunnan, southern Guangxi, southern Guangxi, western Hainan Island, and Taiwan Island. Among them, eastern Zhejiang, Taiwan Island and There were heavy rains or heavy rains (100-180 mm) in parts of the western part of Hainan Island and other places.

  • Work reflection summary moment
    Work reflection summary momentJul 06, 2021

    The first half of 2021 has been passed, and we have experienced many things in the past half year.If you want to make progress, you must learn to summarize and communicate with everyone in order to move forward better.We always uphold the perspective of the customer to see the problem, and conscientiously help customer service to solve the problem.If you want to know more about us and want to know more about plant extract products, you are welcome to visit and look forward to establishing friendly contacts with you.

  • Centennial of the Founding of the Communist Party of China
    Centennial of the Founding of the Communist Party of ChinaJul 01, 2021

    The hundred-year journey has been magnificent, and the heart will grow stronger at the beginning of the century. What is behind the "100"? It is not forgetting the original intention, it is the only struggle, it is the baton of each you and me to take the baton of the times, and move forward courageously. One hundred years have been flourishing, and the new journey still needs to move forward.

  • A trip to the ancient city of Pingyao, Shanxi
    A trip to the ancient city of Pingyao, ShanxiJun 29, 2021

    The secret of a company's perpetual vitality is not only to require employees to be rigorous and conscientious in their work, but also to support the employees' benefits. Recently, our company organized a short trip to increase the team's harmonious and coherent ability through some game activities during the trip.

  • hot selling icariin10% powder
    hot selling icariin10% powderJun 18, 2021

    We have been making Epimedium extracts for nearly 10 years, and both the product process and the product's quality stability can be well guaranteed. We have our own R&D department as well as a testing department and a corresponding product project team. The specifications support R&D customization. Recently, 10% icariin powder, a hot-selling product, have been put into storage for nearly 2 tons of products. If you have any demand for this, you are welcome to consult.

  • Wish you peace and health on Dragon Boat Festival
    Wish you peace and health on Dragon Boat FestivalJun 11, 2021

    ​Friends who are familiar with us know that our company will provide benefits to every employee every traditional holiday, and it must be full of a strong sense of ceremony to show the charm of the Botanical family. Dragon Boat Festival is one of our traditional Chinese festivals. Of course, we can't let it go.We want to share with you the happy time.

  • The title on the gold list on June 7th
    The title on the gold list on June 7thJun 07, 2021

    Today is an important day for college entrance examination students. It has been a few days since they have been studying hard for ten years. We hope they can get to the ideal university and start their dreams of a bright future.

  • Happy Children's Day in advance !
    Happy Children's Day in advance !May 31, 2021

    Do you remember the game we played when we are a little child.We are so happy without worrying anything under the protection of our parents.Children are the hope of our country,we try to build a good environment for them to learn better and encourage them to creat a bright future for our world.

  • Grandpa Yuan went to the distance with the seeds of dreams
    Grandpa Yuan went to the distance with the seeds of dreamsMay 24, 2021

    Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and winner of the Medal of the Republic, passed away at 13:07 on May 22 in Changsha, Hunan at the age of 91.

  • 5.12 13th Anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan Province
    5.12 13th Anniversary of Wenchuan Earthquake in Sichuan ProvinceMay 12, 2021

    In 2008, at 14:28:04, a magnitude 8.0 earthquake killed nearly 70,000 people, a memory that will never be forgotten. We cherish the memory of the passing of lives, and also remember the rescue of life and death in critical moments and the help in the face of disasters.

  • Say I love you to your mother on Mother's Day
    Say I love you to your mother on Mother's DayMay 08, 2021

    ​May 9, 2021 is tomorrow, and it is a holiday that belongs to our great mother. From a small child to a handsome young man, she has always cared for her, and she can overcome toughness with gentleness when encountering difficult things, just like the image of a superwoman.

  • Knowledge is powder for 4.23 World Book Day
    Knowledge is powder for 4.23 World Book DayApr 23, 2021

    he fast-paced life will inevitably fill our lives with some troubles. So we need to find a way to slow down and relieve anxiety. Under the advocacy of the company, we started a weekly reading sharing activity at a fixed time. Everyone has the opportunity to share their favorite books.

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