Botanical Cube Inc.

Botanical Cube Inc. with a registered capital of 5 million yuan, It's a high-tech import and export enterprise with the right to import and export, research and development, production and processing and sales of natural plant extracts and fine chemicals. Botanical Cube Inc is based on innovation and research and development, and constantly meets customers' requirements for diversified, high-quality, and specialized products, and provides our customers with high-quality products and comprehensive customized research and development services. Botanical Cube Inc's people will continue to contribute to the cause of natural health.

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Why We Support Compound Mixed Goods?

Our company's target customer groups are mainly around large-scale companies, but we will also support some sm

Why Become Partners With Customers?

When you are cultivating customers, whether you are a high-profit short-term business or a low-profit long-ter

Innovative Anti-cancer Drug Icaritin Phase II...

Icaritin is a monomer compound with a content of 98.0%~102.0% obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis from the Chines

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