Butterfly Pea Powder

Test Methold:TLC
Deliver Time:Around 3 working days
Payment Way:T/T L/C Paypal
Sample:10g-50gcan be accepted
Certification:ISO Hala Kosher

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About Butterfly pea powder

The anthocyanins in butterfly pea extract powder are mainly based on delphinium pigment, which is combined with glucose at its 3, 3', and 5'positions to form delphinium glucoside, which is then intramolecularly acylated with coumaric acid. This intramolecular acylation-assisted coloring gives butterfly pea anthocyanin high stability, which is more stable than blue anthocyanins such as platycodon and gentian blue pigment. In the pH 4.0~6.2 aqueous solution, butterfly pea flower pigments can maintain a blue to blue-violet state and are a kind of water-soluble pigment with good pH stability and thermal stability.

Delphinidin chlorideButterfly pea pollen PH test by Botanical Cube Inc.

Why choose Botanical Cube's Butterfly pea extract powder

1. The butterfly pea powder of our company is made from butterfly pea flowers and processed by spray drying technology. It maintains the flavor of butterfly pea flowers, has good fluidity, good taste, is easy to dissolve, and is easy to store.

2. Our butterfly pea flower powder can reach 500-1000 meshes, the powder is uniform and fine, the properties are stable and the moisture content is low, which can extend the storage period.

3. Our butterfly pea flower powder has a rich taste, is easy to dissolve, and does not stratify.


Blue purple powderConformsVisual
The Unique smell of butterfly peaConformsOrganoleptic
TasteThe unique taste of butterfly peaConformsOlfactory
Bulk DensitySlack Density0.41g/mlUSP616
Particle Size95%Through 80 MeshConformsCP2015


Total Heavy Metals<10ppmConformsCP2015


Aerobic Bacterial Count≤1,000 CFU/gConformsGB4789.2
Yeast≤100 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Mold≤100 CFU/gConformsGB4789.15
Escherichia Coli
<3.0 MPN/gConformsGB4789.38
SalmonellaNot DetectedConformsGB4789.4
Staphlococcus AureusNot DetectedConformsGB4789.10


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