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Team work meeting for provide good service for customer
- Oct 27, 2021 -

Meanwhile, sales activities are in full swing. In response to some customer-related issues collected, we held a meeting on product quality control and packaging requirements on October 27th. We will hold similar meetings in a fixed period of time, just to better serve our customers, so that customers can be satisfied with us and become business partners.

1. The first is some conventional quality control indicators, such as purity, moisture, ash, microorganisms, heavy metals, as well as regulations for the indicators and standards based on the testing of these items.

2. Secondly, in response to the requirements of some special customer groups, special marking records need to be made to facilitate the inspection and recording of the inspection department.

3. Finally, we must strictly control the basic packaging of our products, the size of the outer packaging barrel, the size of the inner packaging aseptic bag, and the straps for wrapping the goods.


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