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Icariin 10% 20% Powder Color
- Jun 18, 2021 -

Some customers have doubts about the color of 10% icariin powder products. I will explain to you today.There are two main factors affecting the color of the product.

1.The influence of the raw material

The content of chlorophyll in the raw material has a greater effect on the color of the finished product. Generally, products with higher chlorophyll content in the raw materials will be greenish when the raw materials are new, and the products with lower chlorophyll content when made with stale materials are generally brown or brown.

2.The influence of the process technology

The extraction process is the process of direct extraction and concentration without going through the column. At this time, the chlorophyll content in the product is higher than that of the process with column using the same raw material. (Each process technology will be different. Some columns will not adsorb chlorophyll, and there will be some cases where the chlorophyll content in the column will be relatively high even though it has been used).

icariin powder 10% by Botanical Cube Inc.icariin powder 10% by Botanical Cube Inc

The difference in product color has little effect on the effective ingredients of the product. Some customers prefer greener goods and think that it is normal for the raw material to be leaf goods and greenish goods. Brown-yellow goods may not be good. This view is just wrong. In fact, chlorophyll has some influence on some tablets. For some mature customers, we will ensure the stability of the product. We will not only consider the physical indicators such as the appearance and smell of the raw materials. We are more concerned about the stability of the main other ingredients inside.

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