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Our Customized Black Pepper Extract Case Sharing
- Aug 04, 2021 -

1.Current status of our black pepper extract

Black pepper extract is one of our star products. Our main hot-selling specifications range from 10% piperine to 98% piperine. In addition, we also have a special water-soluble piperine with a purity of about 5%. We are well aware that we have many competitors. India, which has advantages in raw materials and labor abroad, has competition in product prices at home.But we are not afraid. First of all, our product technology has been optimized, so the cost performance can meet the market demand in different periods. The most important thing is that we can cooperate with the customer to customize the product he wants, so the customer stickiness is relatively large.

2.Custom black pepper extract case

In August 2020, we found a customer who had a demand for piperine. The customer at that time had a fixed supplier. But this is also an opportunity. Customers can have one more choice, so we started to communicate with customers, and customers are more willing to communicate with us. The customer put forward his requirements for the product, purity, color, and smell. After obtaining the customer’s consent, we began to communicate with the technology and started customizing samples. A total of 3 samples were made before and after, and the last sample was approved by the customer. It took 2 months during this period.

We are not afraid of the requirements of customers, we will try our best to help customers and treat them as friends. Maybe this is our secret weapon to maintain long-term cooperation with our customers!

Show customized black pepper samples to customers by Botanical Cube Inc.

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