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How much you know about Grain Rain ?
- Apr 12, 2021 -

Spring is a battleground season between cold warm temperatures.But the fickle weather finally ends with the arrival of Grain Rain.The sixth traditional Chinese solar term,which so happens to mark one final Spring party with the peony flowers,tea and rain.Peonies,also known as the "Queen of all flowers" in Chinese culture,are now in season.There is a saying that goes "Three days after the Grain Rain,once can enjoy peonies in the garden."The flower was said to be the favorite of Empress Wu Zetian,the only female ruler in China's history,who regined more than 1,300 years ago.

How much you know about Grain Rain News of Botanical Cube Inc.

And the captial of her dynasty,Luo yang in central China,is the best place to admire peonies in the country.The Grain Rain period lasts about half a month and is an ideal time to drink fresh tea such as,the "tea before the Gain Rain"and "the Grain Rain tea"Spring makes the buds bigger,grenner,and softer.Green teas have many vitamins and amino acids,which make it fresher and more fragrant.As it warms up during the Grain Rain peroid,melons and beans are planted.And remember ,you reap what you sow.

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