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What delicious food can you eat when you are celebrating Chinese New Year?
- Jan 30, 2022 -

First of all, let us briefly introduce the Chinese New Year. The Spring Festival or Chunjie is on February 1st, 2022. It is time for a family reunion and traditional cuisine. After more than 200 million people traveled thousands of miles home, nothing is more comforting than food made by their kin.

If this is your first Spring Festival in China, what special food you can eat really depends on which province you are in. If you are in the north Jiaozi or dumplings are never absent in every celebration. But in Guangzhou chicken is always on the table. There is also the smoked pork in Sichuan, fish cakes in Hubei, or spring rolls in Fujian. To explore all new year food in China can be a lifelong quest, but you can live a very enjoyable life here.

Finally, I would like to show you a song "Hope" sung by Chinese singer Zhou Shen about going home during the Spring Festival. I hope you in China have a happy Spring Festival!

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