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Do You Know Any Chinese Herbal Extracts That Can Promote Sleep?
- Mar 04, 2022 -

Most of the drugs for insomnia currently on the market can prolong sleep time and improve sleep quality by acting on related neurotransmitters but are prone to drug resistance and adverse reactions. In recent years, studies on Chinese herbal extracts have found that many Chinese herbal extracts have the effect of promoting sleep and can significantly improve sleep quality. Chinese herbal extracts also have similar effects to western medicines on neurotransmitters such as glutamate, dopamine (DA), 5-HT, NE, and GABA to promote sleep.

1. Licorice Extract

Glycyrrhizin in licorice extract can bind to GABAA-BZD receptors, thereby increasing sleep time and reducing sleep latency. Glycyrrhizol can induce sleep through allosteric regulation of GABAA-BZD receptors and has the effect of improving sleep.

Fresh LicoriceDry LicoriceLicorice Powder

2. Chinese Arborvilea Seed Extract

Both cypress saponins and cypress oil have sedative and hypnotic effects, cypress saponins, and cypress fat oil increase the levels of norepinephrine (NE) and 5-HT in the brain, and at the same time inhibit the release of dopamine (DA) in the brain, thereby inhibiting the Central nervous system to achieve sedative and hypnotic effects.

Chinese Arborvilea Seed treeChinese Arborvilea SeedChinese Arborvilea Seed extract powder

3. Jujube Seed Extract

The main active components of jujube seed extract are total saponins and total flavonoids of jujube seed, and jujube seed saponin A (or its metabolites) not only increases the expression of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) A receptors after passing through the blood-brain barrier (BBB), can also affect the conversion of calmodulin to calcium ions, antagonize the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate in the brain, thereby improving sleep conditions.

Fresh jujube treeDry jujube seedDried jujube seed powder by Botanical Cube Inc.

5. Passionflower Extract

Passionflower is rich in 17 kinds of essential amino acids and more than 160 kinds of beneficial ingredients such as vitamins and trace elements. Among them, the rich natural active ingredients of flavonoids regulate the GABA system through affinity with GABA-A and GABA-B receptors, thereby improving sleep.

PassionflowerPassionflower fruitPassionflower powder

"Can't sleep" is driving the development of the market. More and more consumers are choosing more natural and healthy products to improve sleep disorders and avoid the use of drugs. Oral soothing drinks containing herbal extracts and dietary supplements for sleep aids in the European and American markets Drugs and other products have emerged one after another.

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