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Questions About Butterfly Pea Flower?
- Mar 09, 2022 -

Butterfly pea flowers have been used to color drinks and desserts for years in parts of Asia. Recently, they have become popular in Europe and the United States and have found their way into a variety of amazing beverages. You may have seen pictures on the web of this beautiful drink, which comes in shades of blue, purple, and magenta.

Why does the butterfly pea flower water solution change color?

The flowers are naturally dark blue, but when you adjust the pH by adding an acid, such as lemon juice, they turn purple or even redder. Anthocyanins, found in cabbage and butterfly pea flowers, are responsible for these amazing color changes.

Is butterfly pea flower edible?

Not recommended for consumption. Because the acetylcholine produced by the ingredients contained in butterfly bean flowers can cause vasodilation and increase blood flow, it is not recommended for pregnant women, menstruating women, and humans who are about to or undergoing surgery to use butterfly bean flower and its products. Improper use may cause bleeding May to be dangerous.

Where can butterfly pea flowers be used?

At present, only the US FDA has approved the butterfly pea flower water extract as a natural blue pigment, which can be used in alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, carbonated soft drinks, chewing gum, dairy products, etc. Other countries or regions have not clearly stipulated the amount of consumption and precautions.

Fresh butterfly pea flowerButterfly pea flower powderButterfly pea flower dissolving color solution display

The research and development process of butterfly pea flower is more than 10 years. Facing the rising market demand, more and more companies around the world have invested in the production of butterfly bean flower extract. Among them, we have recently developed a completely water-soluble butterfly pea flower extract in the laboratory stage. It is believed that the application of natural blue pigments will be more extensive in the near future.

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