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Does Quercetin Boost Immune System ?
- Oct 25, 2021 -

Quercetin is a flavonoid, a type of plant pigment, which helps form the colors of many fruits and flowers. Containing flavonoids is also one of the reasons why many foods, herbs, and spices are beneficial to health. For example, the benefits of berries, dark chocolate, and most herbal extracts (such as ginkgo, grape seed, pine bark, milk thistle, etc.) are believed to be directly related to the flavonoids they contain.

The effect of quercetin on the health of the immune system has become a subject of scientific research and has attracted much attention in recent years. Particular attention has been paid to its role in strengthening the body's resistance to the respiratory tract and strengthening the anti-virus effects of zinc. Its effect on immune function and the ability to increase the level of zinc ions in cells. Free zinc ions control an enzyme called replicate viruses to use replicate to replicate in human cells. Quercetin can act as an ionophore to help transport zinc ions into cells.

Quercetin boost immune system by Botanical Cube Inc.Quercetin 95 by Botanical Cube Inc.

Free zinc ions can control the replication of many viruses. When many viruses infect cells, they insert a genetic code and an enzyme called replicate to replicate the virus. Zinc can block the replicate, thereby preventing the virus from replicating or spreading. This is one of the reasons why zinc is often recommended to relieve colds.

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