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More Information About How Does Ecdysterone Build Muscle ?
- Apr 12, 2021 -
Blog share More information about how does ecdysterone build muscle by Botanical Cube Inc

You might want to build yourself a more athletic body,but you may be wondering which product is the best choice for so many products?Don't worry,today I will popularize a natural plant product for you,that is ecdysterone.

Researchers found out that it could possibly lead to an increase in lean muscle mass and athletic performance.So where it come from? It's derived from different plants, and the most common is spinach and cyanotis arachnoides.And our ecdysterone powder is extracted from cyanotis arachnoides.It's known by other names of course,the technical name is 20-Beta-Hydroxyecdysterone and other common names are: ecdisten, ecdysone, isoinokosterone,20-hydroxyecdysone and ecdysterone.It is a naturally occurring steroid belonging to a family of compounds called ecdysteroids. Interestingly, it was first discovered in insects acting as an invertebrate polyhydroxylated sterolic growth hormone. Actually, insects depend on it for their survival.

Research into Beta Ecdysterone has suggested it has a powerful anabolic effect on muscles which is achieved by enhancing protein synthesis which subsequently leads to an increase in muscle mass. Several studies have demonstrated that ecdysterone is able to significantly increase muscle hypertrophy both in vitro and in vivo.A study on the effects on phytoecdysteroids showed an increase in 20% protein synthesis the protein synthesis is created by stimulation of the PI3K pathway.Protein synthesis is extremely important in the muscle-building process. Having a higher protein synthesis can lead to faster muscle recovery and muscle mass.

Contrary to conventional anabolic agents, Ecdysterone appears to show its anabolic effects by binding to estrogen receptor beta (ERβ), acting like the SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators).Best of all, it's proven safe and effective for men, women, and even teenagers!

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