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Our Custom Service About Packaging
- Apr 15, 2022 -

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the impact of the COVID 19 epidemic, people's awareness of improving their own immunity and health has gradually increased, and the popularity of natural, green, and healthy health care products has also increased significantly more than usual.

Recently, some customers who are engaged in the sales of health care products have received feedback that their packaging material production has been limited due to the epidemic. In order not to affect the sales of the products, they want us to help with the packaging of the products.

small bag by Botanical Cube Inc.

We originally wanted to find a professional packaging material supplier to help customers with packaging. And the cost of large quantities is more cost-effective, but because some customers have relatively small orders, and the raw materials of the extract powder used are different. We are not professional in doing this by ourselves, and we are afraid of affecting the effect of the final product of the customer, so we still intend to find a professional factory to operate. After a period of searching and constant running-in, we found a suitable packaging material manufacturer, got a suitable price, and trained relevant experienced personnel.

We are currently expanding our new factory, and the number of customer orders will continue to increase in the future. We are also preparing to add professional equipment and more professional operators. If you have a related request welcome to find us at sales@botanicalcube.com

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