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Our Water-soluble Product Display Collection
- Sep 09, 2021 -

As the pace of life accelerates, people are more yearning for a healthy life, and natural products are gradually being favored by most people. Water is the main component of our body, and liquid is also more conducive to the body's absorption. Therefore, in order to meet the demands of the public, our plant extracts have been specially optimized to produce a series of water-soluble products. If you have a demand for this or have a corresponding water-soluble demand for other products, you can consult us, and we sincerely look forward to discussing issues with you.

Pomegranate Fruit PowderGinger Extract Powder
Black Pepper Extract PowderTremella Polysaccharide Extract Powder
Epimedium Extract PowderJujube Fruit Extract Powder

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