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The Difference Between Icariin And Icariins
- Jun 09, 2021 -

Maybe you know icariin and icariins, but you can't distinguish between the two. Today, I will share some differences between the two active ingredients. If you are interested in this Epimedium extract powder, please click here. We support Custom specification.

1.The difference between the raw materials used

Under normal circumstances, the raw materials used for icariins is Epimedium sagittatum, and the content of icariin is below 0.2%. The content of Epimedin C is better than 1%, and the content of raw materials can reach 2%. The icariin use Epimedium Brevicorum Maxim as raw material for extract which is mostly grow in Gansu province and Qinling of Shaanxi province in China. The content of icariin is more than 0.5% in Gansu raw materials and can reach more than 0.8%.

2.The difference in the detection method is mainly the difference in the mobile phase

Icariins is methanol and water, which are immature products of the 2000 edition of the Pharmacopoeia. Icariin and Epimedin C and several other impurities are not separated. The icariin is acetonitrile and water. Since the 2005 edition of the Pharmacopoeia, acetonitrile and water have been used as the mobile phase.

The difference between icariin and icariins Blog of Botanical Cube Inc.The difference between icariin and icariins Blog of Botanical Cube Inc.2

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